Thursday, 26 September 2013

Red Deer, Grampians VIC

These red deer are a feral animal in Australia and a big nuisance. They cause a lot of damage to the native flora and bush floor. Still could not help ourselves and stopped to take these pics. They must be either farm-raised escapees or are used to seeing people. They just looked at us and remained there for quite some time allowing us an opportunity to get these shots.


  1. They are so beautiful ... but a pest. Like the rabbit out at my bush block.

  2. I know they're feral ... but it still gives me a thrill to see them!!

  3. I recall trekking into deep bushland in NZ and saw the awful devastation that deer and pigs had made to the bush. Shame that man has to introduce non-native species as there are so many natural ones to see. That said, these deer are quite a regal sight to see.