Thursday, 27 June 2013

Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis)

Another week, another outing to the Toolangi State Forest. Not as much bird life around as usual, but this pretty little White-throated Gerygone Eastern Yellow Robin* joined us on our winter picnic.

Eastern Yellow Robin call

*Thanks to Tim Bawden for correctly identifying the bird for us.


  1. Beautiful pic! Thanks for sharing

  2. Lovely pic - but it is an Eastern Yellow Robin - WT Gerygone would be very rare at Toolangi.

  3. A sweet bird Alan, its daintiness is shown beautifully.
    I really like the composition of the photo too - perfect background :D)

    1. Thanks Susan. At last I am getting the hang of this f stop thing and depth of field.

  4. We have one of these little beauties visiting our garden too in June, but I didn't manage to get a shot. We didn't see the red robin this year.

  5. We have seen a couple of red robins but not been able to get a good shot yet. We also have a Gilberts Whistler for the very first time but he will not sit still long enough for me to capture a shot.