Monday, 23 January 2012

Eucalypt Resin Nodule


  1. Oh my caught the flicker inside the flame!
    Outstanding and breathtaking :>)

    Cherri xx
    P.S. Please come give me macro lessons?????? lol

  2. Thanks Joan Elizabeth and Cherri. The macro lens is a Olympus Zuiko 35mm 1:3.5. I’m still learning how to drive it in manual mode so I cheated and took this shot on the camera’s auto macro setting.
    The bush it was in is recovering from the Black Saturday fires of 2009. The trunk was very blackened and the sap had bled out where the bark had been damaged right through

  3. Hi Alan, I was looking through posts I hadn't caught up with yet and this just jumped out!
    It is incredible and, to me, it looks like one of your unidentified arachnids has been captured within!

  4. Thanks Susan. The patterns in these nodules always fascinate me.