Thursday, 16 June 2011

Globe Alley, Melbourne VIC

Inspired by Julie at Sydney Eye, I retrieved these photos of Globe Alley, Melbourne (taken December 2005 on a pocket camera) out of my writing research folder.


  1. Love the photos :D)
    They evoke the rattle and 'ding' of the trams.
    The freezing cold wind whistling around legs.
    Warm and smoky coffee shops hidden away in lanes.
    Heck, every second street is a lane or "Little" street.
    Loved working in Melbourne when I was young.
    It was exciting.
    Thanks for the memories Vicki :D)

  2. Thanks, Susan.

    We used to live in the CBD and spent many a weekend exploring the alleys and laneways. As you say, every second street is a lane or "Little" street.

    I'm not a fan of cities, but if I had to pick one, it'd be Melbourne.