Saturday, 14 May 2011

Milking Time in the Nariel Valley

Taken not long after our arrival at Willow Crossing Holiday House  Location map


  1. Beaut to see all those lovely cows. Isn't it just a great sight watching a working dog going through his/her paces?
    The Nariel Valley looks a peaceful and relaxing spot.

  2. The Nariel Valley (of which I am ignorant) looks very similar to your own area. I, too, love to see a man and his dog, work a herd. Love the mix of Jersy and Fresian here.

  3. Thanks for dropping by.

    Susan, the Nariel Valey is indeed a peaceful spot. No mobile reception! :)

    J Bar, thank you.

    Julie, Nariel Valley is in the high country between Corryong and Falls Creek (map link below photo). Much colder (and hotter) than Murrindindi.

  4. ...Till the last cow comes home! The scenery, the cows, and the dogs thrill me to no end. :-)

    Thank you Vicki for sharing your "life through the lens".


  5. My pleasure, Cherri. I'm just thrilled that I'm able to share part of my world through photos. :)