Sunday, 13 March 2011

Honeybee on Garlic Chives Flower


  1. Am totally loving what you're doing with the macro Vicki.

    The honeybees don't keep still for long do they! Beaut shot :D)

  2. Vicki, this shot is incredible--can almost see her indulging in the nectar. (has to be a girl, she's so pretty) I've never seen that type flower, which is beautiful. Garlic chives...edible?

    Cherri xx

  3. I wouldn't get this close to a bee... ouch. Wonderful photo Vicki :)

  4. I love bees, where would we be without them. Very nice macro photo.
    Paul @ Leeds daily photo

  5. Thanks for dropping by.

    @Susan: Honeybees are busy, busy bees. :)

    @Cherri: Garlic chives are very edible -- use salads, egg dishes, sandwiches and so on.

    @Jovi: Honeybees won't sting you... promise. Not unless you stand on them. :)

    @Paul: With you all the way on that.