Monday, 17 January 2011



  1. I am figuring that Papa is highly experienced.

    Look at those jagged edges. Ooo ... I can't look any longer. Tell me when she reaches the top ...

  2. LOL Don't worry, Julie. I have no doubt the boy was in very safe hands. Not to mention all the safety gear.

    We watched him go up and down a couple of times. Dad would lower him on the rope and then coach him where to go.

  3. Wow, catch em young! For his size thats quite a bit of rock

  4. Oh wow... how lucky is that brave young fellow - to be taught the ropes at his age.

    A beautiful photo of father and son each trusting in the other ♥

    Well done Vicki, well done Little Guy and well done Dad :)

  5. What a wonderful picture of father and son sharing a day. Hopefully they were able to get your contact info...I'm sure they will love these photos.

  6. Thanks for dropping by.

    Jovita, the father didn't come down while we were there, so we were unable to leave our details. He just nodded his approval for me to photograph them. I am, however, getting some "cards" printed up, so that in future we can at least leave that for people.