Thursday, 18 March 2010

Suspense Magazine's April 2010 New Author

I am thrilled to announce that Suspense Magazine is featuring yours truly as their April 2010 New Author. Includes Q&A, book review and more...

April 2010 issue on sale March 25*

*Digital subscription $24.00 per year / USD
Print subscription $36.00 per year / USD

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  1. A big Congratulations to you, Vicki! That's impressive company you're sharing pages with!

  2. Fabulous news and so well deserved!!! You're a fabulous writer and every success to you!!! :)) Axxx

  3. Thanks, Chuck and Anne.

    I'm still smiling...

  4. *grin*
    I received your email after I got home from the theatre and read it all including the prologue.
    I will respond later this morning after I have had another read.

    Needlesstosay ... whu-hoo!!

  5. Thanks, Julie.

    Now remember my writing is very much genre fiction, whereas yours is more literary. ;)