Monday, 22 February 2010

Killingworth Station Homestead Ruins

All that remains of the homestead destroyed in the 1969 bushfires.

Photo courtesy of Jan Beer.


  1. What a shame, nobody restored this homestead in all those years. Great shot with this lonely cow.

  2. Looks like it was one a pretty impressive place.

  3. Were there lives lost that might necessitate it remaining a memorial? Otherwise, there are a lot of bricks that could be reused ...

  4. Julie, I asked Jan about this. She said:

    “Killingworth Homestead was not rebuilt by the owners, the McLeish Family, due to the cost of rebuilding such a large old home. No-one in the immediate area was killed, but Yea township was threatened and came very close to being burnt.
    Quite a number of local farmers in the following few years died of stress related illnesses such as cancer and heart attacks-many stock were burnt which was very distressing for farmers.”