Friday, 12 February 2010


Australia is a country of contrasts. Same subject, different locations.

1. Tower Hill near Warrnambool, Victoria
2. Near Quorn, outback South Australia
3. Iron Knob, South Australia (Okay, I know it’s a road sign, but how many places have to worry about emus on the main street?)

(Disclaimer: Photos taken with a pocket camera.)


  1. i always thought they're kind of scary - until i read up about the cassowary ! (it's fierce!!)

  2. I love the middle shot ... when you were a kid a school did they have emu parades where you all had to line up and walk along picking up the rubbish ... the middle shot reminds me of that.

  3. Nikki: Compared to the cassowary, the emu is harmless. I watched a docu where a male cassowary was attacking a house. Not pretty.

    Joan Elizabeth: Can’t say I do. :)

  4. These are raised on some ranches in the southern US. Good eating I've been told.

  5. Chuck, I wouldn't know; I prefer my wildlife alive. :)