Saturday, 13 February 2010


Alan took this a photo a while back in Bright, Victoria, with an old Ricoh pocket camera (hence the resolution). He had to lie on his stomach in the long grass to get it. Never mind what else might’ve been in the grass!

The recently pupated cicada is drying its wings.


  1. That looks like a Yellow Mundy. Remember those names: green grocer, floury baker, double drummer, black prince, chocolate soldier.

    We had them all when I was a kid and we had collections everywhere, including shells.

    This is a very clear image!

  2. I often hear kids from NSW referring to those names for cicadas but I don't remember seeing one as a kid let alone having names for them.

    This is a good shot, well worth the crawling about.

  3. I encountered a swarm of these in Pennsylvania a few years ago. I'd never heard them before, and found myself fascinated by their sounds. Never actually saw one until now. Thanks for sharing a great photo.

  4. I don't recall those names either, but I love the sound of them.

  5. Wow! Life begins here. Great capture! Just don't like to HEAR too many of them together!


  6. Yeah, well one of you(se) hails from across the pond and the other from the deep north!!!!!!!!!!!