Thursday, 7 January 2010

Molesworth-Dropmore Road, Caveat VIC


  1. I can almost smell the dirt and the sap from here. Those trees are glorious. And so straight. So many clamouring for their own patch of sun. And this is the fodder that fed that fire this time last year.

    You are not all that far north of that. Were you at all worried at the time?

    WV = "kingly"
    sometimes they are so appropriate

  2. Thanks, Julie. It was a perfect day to enjoy the bush in all its glory – sunny but not too hot.

    Worried about the bushfires? Terrified more like it. We live about 10 kms from where the Murrindindi fires that devastated the township of Marysville started (if the wind… okay, not going there), and Kinglake, where the worst of the fire front went through, is only 20 kms south of us. The air was thick with smoke, ash and soot. We couldn’t see the sky, let alone the hills. For days, we hardly slept a wink. It was liked being stalked: forever looking over your shoulder, fearful to let your guard down. One of us was always awake and patrolling the property for live embers. Plenty of dead ones.

    I still choke up when I think about all the lives that were lost, especially the children. My heart goes out to all those that lost family and friends. May we all be better prepared next time, because there will be a next time.

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  4. It's a real eucalypt forest! Masterful photo.
    Made me recall what I remember as the opening sequence in Road Warrior & it was a long time ago that I saw that.
    In Palos Verdes, in the 20's, there were no trees except in the canyons. More than 3000 eucalyptus trees were planted as a grove in the start of developing the area. The grove is still there.

  5. Your grove of 3,000 eucalyptus trees must be quite impressive now, Tash. It doesn’t matter where I am in the world, if I catch a scent of sun-baked eucalyptus leaves, it transports me straight back home.

    Thanks for visiting.