Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Memorial Plaque at Stringybark Creek, near Archerton VIC

Instead of glorifying Ned Kelly and posting a photo of Kelly Tree, I’d like to remember the police officers he and his gang killed at Stringybark Creek:

>> Sergeant Michael Kennedy No. 2009
>> Constable Michael Scanlon No. 2118
>> Constable Thomas Lonigan No. 2423


  1. An interesting story. Especially the green sash for saving a boy's life that he wore under his metal plate armor during his final fight before capture.

  2. It is an interesting story when driving around that part of Victoria, but who knows just what the truth was.

    Yes, the victims of crime should never be overlooked or forgotten.

  3. On my current wayfaring trip we went through Jerilderie. I was going to comment on Kelly Gang hold up but in the end left him out ... I guess for similar reasons.

  4. hm. good point.
    i know so little about it really.
    watching the B-movie 'Ned' did not help. (weird!)

  5. The victims are rarely remembered. Take Ivan Milat, for example, most Australians know who he is, but I bet that not many could name even one of his victims. What does that say about us?

  6. I cannot remember the Milat victims. However, there is one victim that has stuck in my mind. Back in the early 60s (60 or 61) when the Opera HOuse Lottery had just commenced with a 1st prize of 100 thousand pounds one winning family had their 8 yo son kidnapped and he was found a few weeks later dead in a boot of a car. The little boy's name was Graeme Thorne.

    He will represent my "unknown victim".

  7. Hi Julie: I know the story of little Graeme Thorne – very sad.

    I’m as guilty as the next person of not remembering the victims. I’m a true crime buff (works with crime fiction writing), and whilst I could probably relate many of the cases I’ve read about, I’d be struggling to name all the victims.

  8. Hi Julie
    Whilst researching my family history I have found that Thomas Lonigan was married to my maternal great grandfathers sister (Charlotte Maria SIGGINS). It's great to see a plaque to his memory along with the others that were murdered. I would also like to use a copy of the plaque with my family tree pages.
    Vic Malham

  9. Hi Vic,

    This isn't Julie's blog, but you're more than welcome to use my photo on your family tree pages.