Friday, 8 January 2010

Ants on the High Board


  1. Lovely composition of leaf, bark and ant here Vicky.

    When I was young I lived on a farm in the Hunter Valley. We had green ants. About this size with a black body and irridescent green head. Their bite was absolutely unbearable.

    The touch of bark was one of the first things I introduced my children to in my garden. Glorious skin for a tree to have.

    Also, I thank you for having a read of my story each day. Just having one reader is all that it takes. So, thank you.

  2. Thanks, Julie. I have a confession to make. Though the photo has my name on it, it was actually taken by Alan with his cheapie work camera. I liked it for the fun angle. To me, it looks like the ants are walking along the leaf and diving off, hence the title.

    Someone once said to me that if it weren’t for the ants, Australia would sink. With around 1,300 described species (15% known species worldwide), it’s not far from the mark.

    It’s an absolute pleasure reading your riffs each day. They’re beautifully written and because of their size, the perfect reading snack.

  3. Yes, I chose the size for the medium.